A Short History of Dundalk Raw

Summer 2019 - The smell of shit is in the air, because it's Dundalk. Main street construction has the local towns folks heated. The towns facebook group wouldn't let the towns people speak with out permission. Then, out of no where, the towns folk start getting invites to this new, strange group. The people were invited to post what ever they want, want to call someone out? Post it in Dundalk Raw, Want to shout out a business? Do er on Raw. See your neighbors wives boyfriend sneaking in after he's gone to work? Post it on Raw!

Then came the first post by someone, a meme, a fucken greasy ass meme. So it had begun, a community page we could laugh in. Slowly the town became divided, On one side, the people who have a sense of humour, the other side, full of Karen's. Rumour of this new group spread like an STD around the community, even some baby boomers got in on the action.

With Christmas fast approaching and the Santa clause parade committee being taken over by a couple clowns with out a clue in the world what they're doing. It became apparent that the parade wasn't going to happen. No permits, no volunteers, no businesses willing to take part. Dundalk Raw was approached for help as they were the hope. With 2 weeks to go, The clowns stepped down from the parade committee and a real committee  took over knowing exactly what to do. With past committee members back in their spots, they worked around the clock, all for success. Instead of a Dundalk Raw float, Dundalk Raw decided to do a community corner, where they would give away stickers and candy apples donated by group members, in exchange for a small donation to the Lions Club in town to help repair our beloved Lion downtown. The Day ended with a lot of success and was the last traditional parade the town has seen.

as the weeks and months went on, more and more people were slowly joining. People were curious, they were hearing mixed stories about this Dundalk Raw group. On one side they herd it was a wild west, ruthless and untamed group where one might see a female breast. On the other, they were hearing about the good the group was bringing to the community. Seniors in town rushed into the group to see what the fuss was, only to be greeted by some of the most fucked up and funny memes on the internet. Leaving as fast as they came, word started spreading. This Dundalk Raw group was giving the town of Dundalk a bad name....... (Yea, some people actually think its Dundalk Raw that's given Dundalk a bad name.... lol.) As spring approached, it was time to do something as a group again. A pot luck was organized, we rented a small venue in town invited all the small businesses around, and with a total of 24 business and over 100 people we had a beautiful pot luck lunch, with prize giveaways worth thousands of dollars, and live entertainment for the kids. At the end of the day, the members were able to raise just over $1,000 to go towards trying to save the old town hall in Dundalk. This ended up being one of the last community gatherings many of us had pre-covid. With in 2 weeks, news of this new virus was everywhere, and the event barely made it in before the madness started.

Jump ahead a few month and 100,000s of thousands of memes later. Dundalk Raws first bday party is fast approaching and the limit for gatherings are down to 10. At this point we called off the party, just in time for 10 person limit to be lifted. Limited to only 100 people at outside events, the group went to work setting up a new date, we were living in different times. Covid was a real fear, and we had to ensure if we had another event it would be safe and controlled. We put together a guest list and capped it at 80, because there are always stragglers that come along with friends. Hosted at a secret location only disclosed to registered members that evening. With outhouses, enough food and liquor to feed and drink a small army, there were hundreds of dollars in fireworks, and enough wood to have a county style fire all night long. People from all over showed up, Owen Sound, Hanover, Orangeville, Collingwood, Shelburne, Mount Forest and lots of other shit holes from around Dundalk Raw. The party was a success with zero issues. Not long after, restrictions came back into place, leaving the Dundalk Raw as the last place many people had a legal party of that size.

Jump ahead to the New Year of 2021, Dundalk Raw has put tight restrictions on entrance. Looking for quality members over quantity, we require people to fully answer the entrance questions, and have friends already in the group. There has been a committee established with over 20 active members to help guild the group in the right direction. There is a free VIP membership, that include a ton of perks and is growing month by month. As well as a VIP Business Members under development and slated for full release the summer of 2021. We have lots of different chat rooms for people to socialize with members including the main unrestricted chat with around 200 people, A single chat for people to meet other single people (yes its work, there has been love found with in the chat).

The Future of Dundalk Raw: Dundalk Raw is always changing and evolving based on what the groups wants, and where the members want to see it. The group will remain a welcoming and friendly place for Ontario peeps to share what ever they want. We will continue to help support small local businesses, the communities we live in, and most important, one another.